How to upload photos?

    You can use "Upload" button on the Photos bar on the front page. Choose category, enter photo title and select image file. Press "Upload" button in the form to upload photo.

    I don't see "Upload" button. Why?

    Maybe you just haven't logged in? :)

    I can't log in. Why?

    Maybe you haven't validated your account? Please check your e-mail for the letter with validation link

    Why have my photos been deleted from the contest site?

    Probably your photos are outside of the category scope or violate items 4 or 5 of the Terms and Conditions. Also, photos containing texts not related to the contest (e.g. reference to other website or author's name occupying half of the image) will be deleted.

    Someone has uploaded photos created by me to the contest. What to do?

    Please contact site administrators immediately: info[@]4383-days.com

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