• Human dignity, equality and equity



    Third annual movie festival "Dignity, equality and justice" was officially opened at December 1 inat the cinema "Victory" with the participation of the UN Office in Belarus, the  OSCE Office in Belarus and the Belarusian Children's Fund . The festival  includes film showings , photo exhibitions " Kids War: Broken Childhood "and " 4383 days of childhood ». 

    The gala opening was attended by UN representative in Belarus Antonius Broek, OSCE Representative in Minsk Benedikt Haller, director of the Belarusian Children's Fund Alexander V. Trukhan. 

    The children - victims of war, child soldiers - heroes of the photo exhibition "Children of War: Broken Childhood." And just kids who play, learn about the world, happy and sad - their photos displayed at the exhibition of the Belarusian Children's Fund "4383 days of childhood». 

    Respect for human rights and their protection - the foundation of freedom, justice and peace. Attention to childhood, children's rights - is the main duty of any society. 

    Belarusian Children's Fund's  exhibition "4383days of childhood" would like to remind all adults that they live with children who need constant care and love. 

    Exhibition will be held until 12 December 2010.


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