• List of works passed to the second stage


    We are pleased to publish a list of works passing to the second stage.

    You can download a list of authors and works, invited to the second stage of the “4383 Days of Childhood” international photo contest here. Authors of selected works will be invited by the email as well.

    Photos of at least 30 cm on the smaller side, which the authors were invited to participate on the basis of online competition, are involved in the second stage, if presented from April 1st to May 10th 2015 to the organizing committee.

    Let us remind that not only invited authors can participate in the second tour of the competition. The authors, who were unable to send the photos through the Internet for any reason, have the right to send not more than 2 pictures for the second tour. In this case, the author should submit an electronic version in file size not more than 500 kb.

    Photos must not contain any frames, fields and labels on the front side. The author fills in an information sheet along with the work. One can download it and put along with photo or fill it when transmitting photos to the organizing committee personally

    Works received on the second stage of the contest are sent to the members of the jury for anonymous judgment. Jurors will evaluate the works on the following criteria:

    general perception, including topic coverage;
    artistic level of the work;
    novelty and originality of the work;

    The ratings of the jury members will be summed up and the results of the jury's decision published on the site.