• How to send photos for the second stage


    There are some ways to send hard copies for the second stage:

    1) Transmit photos to the organizing committee personally by visiting:
    Belarus, Minsk, Nezavisimosti, 31.

    2) By mail service, to the following adress:
    Republican Public Association "Belarusian Children's Fund" (BСF)
    220029, Belarus, Minsk, Nezavisimosti, 31.
    In this case don't forget to ensure safety of the package and include information sheet.

    3) By the print service profoto.by (recommended for foreighn authors)
    You must register on the site, set the size of print 30х45 or 30х40, and select "Белпочта, оплата на сайте картой VISA/MasterCard" as delivery option.
    When asked for delivery adress, input:
    ФИО Белорусский детский фонд
    Город/Село Минск
    Улица пр. Независимости
    Дом 31
    Квартира --
    Индекс 220029
    Телефон +375(17)290-62-67,290-66-40,290-62-14
    In this case please send information sheet to the email of organizing comitee.