• 2014 contest is open!


    Belarusian Children’s Fund

    Organizing committee announces start of V International photo contest “4383 Days of Childhood” from 1st of March.
    “4383 Days of Childhood” photo contest within four years has become a prominent event in the photographic life of the Republic of Belarus and an essential part of the Belarusian Children’s Fund’s projects. The contest itself and relevant exhibitions “4383 Days of Childhood” are held under the aegis of the International Children’s Day celebration. And the photos of the contest are exhibited in the museums and galleries of Belarus throughout the year.

    Why 4383 days of childhood? This is the number of days that pass unless the child becomes 12 years old.
    First Belarusian “4383 Days of Childhood” photo contest was held in 2010 within the frames of “Let’s Present a Holiday to Children!” campaign of the Belarusian Children’s Fund. It opened the new page of Belarusian photography. The contest is already mature. During 4 years about 9000 photos were submitted. Almost thouthand photographers from many countries including CIS, Europe and others participated in it. As the outcome of the contest a lot of exhibitions were organized in Belarus.

    Facilitators of the V International photo contest “4383 Days of Childhood” declare it to open. The Contest is held from 01.03.2014 till 01.06.2014 and consists of two stages.