• "4383 Days of Childhood"-2012 exhibition


    Belarusian Children's Fund dedicate to International Children's Day :
    Exhibition following the third Republican photocontest  "4383 DAYS OF CHILDHOOD""
    The exhibition will take place in the House of Moscow in Minsk, Kommunisticheskaya, 86
    From 1 to 6 june, 2012, 12.00 -18.00
    Entrance is free

    Children and adults talking about Childhood
    Childhood unites all generations.
    Children - most valuable we have, adults. It is the children who lead us to the achievements and significant actions.

    Photoexhibition "4383 days of childhood" unites adult and young photographers.
    Young authors of the exhibition - orphans, children with disabilities - winners of the republican photocontest "4383 days of childhood. Children's eyes ".
    For us as adults it is important how the world is seeing by children, what is of most importance and concern in it. And yet despite the difficult fate, guys with optimism and curiosity look into the future.Adult photographers are winners of the third photocontest "4383 days of childhood." Contest has gained international dimension. It was attended by 237 photographers from across Europe and the CIS. 1785 sent pictures were sent onto the organizing committee of the competition. For three consecutive years the Belarusian Children's Fund holds photo competition "4383 days of childhood" and during that time it has become an integral part of the Foundation's projects and cultural life in general.Belarusian Children's Fund appeals to all adults with a reminder: there are children who need constant care and love next to us .The exhibition "4383 days of childhood" is a part of the celebration of International Children's Day.