• Exhibition "4383 days of childhood" Continued ...



    20 November: Universal Children's Day. 

    This date  - one more reason to think about the children. 

    Photo Exhibition "4383 Days of Childhood"  - kaleidoscope of a child's life, with its joys,sorrows, the first experience about the world. But childhood is not only a happy and funny time. This is doubt, frustration and anxiety ... The main thing is that we, the adults, "say" with this photoexhibition: we are responsible for all children, and all children, without exception, need our love and care. 

    Why the 4383 days of childhood? This is an exact amount of days passed until the child reachs 12 years. Then he  become a teenager. All these days of any childhood are very desirable to be happy. 

    Exhibition "4383 DAY OF CHILDHOOD" was the result of the national eponymous photocontest , dedicated to the International Children's Day. About 2,000 works were submitted to the contest from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA, Canada and some other countries, 350 photographers took part in it. The best works of the contest were included in the exhibition. 

    Exhibition "4383 DAY OF CHILDHOOD» held from November 1, 2011 in the F.Bogushevich Library № 14, Minsk,  Pritytskogo,42. 

    Opening Hours: 10.00 to 20.00, Monday - Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Weekend - Friday. 

    Admission is free.